Maria's Journey

(English product description provided by the creator.) [Prologue] Maria, Ozwin, and Jared were forming a party at the guild and earned their rewards. However, once they failed a quest, they lose their trust. As a party at a guild, this was a critical problem. One day, a quest with a big reward reaches them. “We can never fail” They needed to gain their trust once again by completing the quest. In need to earn their living, they headed off to Huenvike. [First task] Once they reached Huenvike, they met Albert, the one who posted the quest. Maria and the men heard about the situation at the inn he runs. “There are a lot of monsters in the village, but we can’t tell them apart.” The monsters that imitate as humans come out at night to attack people and to take away money and women. Once they slay all of them, the reward was 1 million lucica. Maria, confident that she can find them, accepted the quest. It is because the monsters go back to their own selves after ejaculation. Maria gathers information in the village. To find the monsters who have desire for sex, she becomes a prostitute. It was such a silly inspiration… Though she hated it at first, she starts to go deep into the business. Maria’s sense of justice makes it faster for her to be erotic. [Game System] You can change clothes at the adult entertaining store. The more costumes, the more events you can play. Change costumes and search the village to find the monsters. Having sex with a real human lowers the reputation. The sex leading to useful events is important, but reckless ones lead to bad end. [Sex Scene] To slay the monsters disguised as humans, Maria, a virgin, gets involved in having sex. As she gains experience, she gets more sensitive and her technique inproves. Maria can’t resist having sex, making her more erotic. Will she start to move her hips willingly and become a bitch? This game uses a high quality CG, making the players feel the texture of her body. The actual-size (approx. 1500 pixel) illustrations is contained as well. [Other] This game has a “memory room” as well. For people who do not like RPG, there is a data that can unlock all scenes on our homepage. Also, actual-size (approx. 1500 pixel) illustration is included so that you can enjoy the beautiful illustrations. Use it to have fun or it can be used as a wallpaper.

Circle:Chanpuru X


Genre:Female Protagonist,Warrior,Cosplay,Prostitution / Paid Dating,Naughty / Lewd,Big Breasts,Slender

Release date:03/17/2022