Monica's revenge tragedy

* Prologue The leading character was to be married to a man she had been betrothed to from a young age. This boyish girl was finally due to be married, and the whole village was together in celebration. The marriage ceremony reached a climax, but just as they were about to seal the oath with a kiss… In that instant, soldiers burst in. Without answering questions, the soldiers started slaughtering people. During that time, the bride Monica saw her fiancé murdered in front of her, and she was gang-raped. * Role-playing game This is a role-playing game in which Monica swears revenge. She needs to collect information, search out the soldiers who attacked them, and exact revenge. As the result of her revenge, what Monica saw was… * Animation Various animation is shown in each scene. There are inserted scenes, scenes that move slowly after insertion, and scenes that move frantically. We take great care over our animation. This is not simply looped animation, This seems really real, and includes expression, movement and speed. * Sex scenes Gang rape, interspecies rape, rape, abuse, titty fuck, vibrators etc. The boyish leading character is abused. She actively plays up to her coquettishness to gather information. Eroticism is distinguished through various animation scenes. * Character Name : Monica Personality : Boyish character. Proud, aggressive. Speaks like a man. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Yuki Mango


Genre:Anime,Coquettish / Seduction,Violation,Blowjob / Fellatio,Rape,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts,Voluptuous / Plump

Release date:08/29/2021