Recommended for NTR enthusiasts.
The quality of the sex scenes is quite high.

The interloper takes advantage of his position as landlord to call up the married woman he has his eye on, Chiho, and proceeds to perform a series of sexual tricks on her. The cuckolding of a neat and tidy married woman, I like. w
This sexual mischief is a minigame, and by fulfilling the explicit conditions, such as making her climax, or by accumulating a number of explicit conditions, the next level of mischief can be performed.

At the ecchi point of the mini-game, the type that expresses debauchery as sexual mischief becomes more extreme. There are also ADV style events that take place when the conditions are met. Hybrid.

As far as I’m concerned, some of the Japanese language is unnatural, and the minigame rules are difficult to understand at first glance. I’ve been playing with the first edition, but I’ve been tinkering quite a bit in some areas, such as rock-paper-scissors and the amount of suspicion increase, which vary in description and specs.

If you L**NE the devil, he’ll tell you to some extent, but there’s quite a few things that aren’t covered. In particular, the level of suspicion is a game-ending possibility, so it’s better to save your game often.

However, the cuckolding erotica is so great that it makes up for that.
Both the pixel art and the ADV style events are of very high quality and I thought the pixels in particular were well done, right down to the facial expressions and poses.

I played up to the point where it is currently implemented, which is about seven hours.
There is a wide variety of point pictures and quite a few ADV events have been implemented, so I was pleased not only with the quality but also with the volume.

It looks like some skills have not yet been implemented and that there will be additional sequences, so I’ll be looking forward to that.

If you like hornwork, please consider it!


First of all, the quality of the points is high.
The erotic scenes are carefully drawn and there are many different positions to choose from, so you will never get bored.
I liked the story of the heroine betraying her beloved husband and falling into lust.
It’s also nice that there are other secondary characters besides the main heroine!

As for the translation, there are definitely some weird parts in the Japanese, but it didn’t bother me that much personally.

The many CG dots in the work speed the erotic sex scenes home and away!
I think it’s as convincing in its eroticism as it is in the abundance of situations.

Also, the description of the situation of sex with a married woman, the function of the message, etc. gently cutting out the husband’s heart was good, and the act of “cuckolding” was also very erotic and powerful.

Demons and souls came out, but in short, it was like “Let’s corrupt the married woman next door☆”.
Anyway, it was “erotic”! I think that fact alone was enough to make the game worthwhile.

This job is about doing naughty things to the happily married woman who lives next door!
This piece was created by a foreigner, so the Japanese translation is a little strange, but you can enjoy it without worrying too much.
This woman is pretty fleshy, and the illustrations are great!
The situations are also very enjoyable, so if you haven’t bought this work yet, why not?

It’s a story about a charlatan, manager of a budget apartment, who sleeps with the beautiful wife of a couple who has moved in.
He starts with a small joke and gradually escalates the action, making the beautiful wife more and more infatuated with his lewd behavior.
There are two types of H-scenes: point-and-shoot animations and moving single pictures, both of which move very languidly.
Especially for point animation, there are a huge number of different types, and you can enjoy a variety of play scenes, from playing in different positions to H cosplay, exposure play, SM play, and more.
The quality of the CG and point animation is so exceptional that it doesn’t bother you, though in some places the translation is a bit odd because it’s a foreign work, and this was a work that was just full of erotica.

The amount of both CG and scoring is satisfactory, and I think the price is inflated.
An autobiography is included, which is also a good point.
As others have noted, the translation is not very good.
The translation is not very good, as others have noted, but it is unnatural, so think carefully before you buy.
Also, the order in which the texts are displayed seems odd. This may be due to the translation.
Finally, the screen flickers when the screen moves.

Despite the above complaints, the CG and scoring are of good quality and the game is enjoyable enough.

You can corrupt married women by phasing your quota, but you can enjoy real sexual intercourse relatively early on.
You can enjoy real performance relatively early, and from then on the range of permitted play gradually expands and the game becomes more enjoyable.
The way it becomes unable to resist pleasure is a very appealing job.
As other reviewers have said, the Japanese translation is a little difficult, but there’s not much discomfort in the voice parts.
The pictures are also full of charm, as you can see from the excerpt, so I highly recommend it to anyone who suits your inclinations!


Product Summary
The Background Story
Two years ago, Chiho and her high school sweetheart decided to get married, cementing their longtime love for each other with a vow. But not all fairy tales have But not all fairy tales have a happy ending, and this one is no fairy tale…


One day they received a letter that the rent was going up and they knew they had to find a new apartment. Fortunately, your father, in his last moments, bequeathed Fortunately, your father, in his last moments, bequeathed two apartments that were right next to each other; one for you and the other for maintenance. As fate would have it, the young couple found your ad and came to move in. When you saw the young wife, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Massive breasts, slender hips, shy innocent smile – how You thought of a plan; you were going to do what you did with all your previous beautiful tenants; you were going to have “fun”.


To corrupt such true love would have been difficult – even for a rogue like you, you needed “outside help”. Fortunately, like any bad landlord, you were friends with the devil himself: Lilith. Lilith had been watching Chiho for some time, bored by her innocence, and so No Devil would offer a free lunch in exchange for those powers, however, you had 90 days to turn this around. Make no mistake, your life and your libido are on the line. Make no mistake, your life AND your libido are on the line.

Chiho may be pure now, but in every angel lies a demon.

Scheduled features for Ntraholic:.
– 47+ CGs (9 of them will be added in an update) with 200+ variations, 18 of them with delicate Live2D animations.

– 55+ pixel H-animations with 150 variations.

– Use Lilith’s mysterious powers to corrupt Chiho.

– Scenes including: MC’s House, FMC’s House, Balcony, Night Market, Dark Alley, Izakaya, Hot Spring Hotel and Hot Spring Pools.

– An innocent wife that you can corrupt to become completely depraved

– 2 side FMC.

Includes Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean language support.
* Please see “trasnlation_readme.txt” for language switching instructions.