Vampire Hunter * Lias

** Story Lias Wythrich who was going back home in carriage, got her mother killed and got her body teased by the vampires, has turned into a vampire. Since this incident, Lias made her mind up to take a revenge against the vampire that has killed her mother. While she was traveling, she visited the Porto village and became interested and decided to join the organization called Vampire killers, and organization that hunts down vampires. Lias who has turned into vampires was having issue with her blood-sucking urges but, the captain of the Vampire killers Graham, who had the vampire blood within himself has taught her a way to suppress her blood sucking urges. …… It was to take in guy’s semen which will reduce the impact…… according to him. The immoral battle started for Lias, the sophisticated girl with strong sense of justice. ** System Work on quests and let the story progress. In order to suppress her blood-sucking impulse you can choose to collect semen and/or, work at a cathouse. Battle will be with the sideview battle system You can take team member for the battle. As your rank goes higher, you will be able to bring members in higher rank. ** Notes (1) Screen Size: Width 816 × Height 624 (2) For those who are not good with RPG can go to the reminiscence room with a trick. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Chanpuru X


Genre:Succubus / Incubus,Violation,Naughty / Lewd,Rape,Blonde Hair,Big Breasts,Slender

Release date:06/19/2022