[ENG Ver.] Molest 'n' Touch on the Train

Molest ‘n’ Touch on the Train AFKS presents the second installment of the Touch Series! The theme this time is molestation! Chika is a girl who always rides in the same train car as you. Once you have a gotten a feel of her soft body, you will never forget it. Before you know it, the “train” will become a place where your lustful palms lick the girl’s body all around… ・Chika Kurihara (cv: Akane Yanagishima) ・Loli  The situation involves a grown man molesting a loli  captured from particular angles, using a touch system.  Feel the immorality as you look down upon your loli victim. ・Touching System  In this product, the girl’s caution level changes with the pace of your touching.  Touch softly to keep an eye on the situation, with a little more force now and then.  This sort of advancing-and-retreating brings an overwhelming sense of realism. ・Random Panties  Chika’s panties change randomly each day.  From simple cotton panties to back printed character panties,  find which pair you like most. ・Peeing  Chika will pee herself from this newfound pleasure.  Peeing in a public place such as on a train will embarrass her to the utmost limit.  Watch while licking your lips as her face turns bright red.  (If you progress in the game, you can also make her pee harder.) ・This product was made with Unity. ・This product has some scat elements. Please be careful if you do not like that sort of content. ・You can accumulate up to 1000 Touch Points in the trial version. *The unzipped file size is 605MB. *A trial version is available for this product.  Please make sure to check your device’s compatability with the trial version before purchasing.



Genre:Touch / Feel,Loli,Peeing Oneself,Train,Molestation,Enema,Shame / Humiliation,Urination / Peeing

Release date:12/09/2022