Feel Up a Sexy Lifeguard! (English ver.)

Livesaver Fondling is an animated girl-touching game. The game progresses by holding the mouse button on the fondling controller at the bottom right of the screen. Different touching methods are performed by holding the mouse button and moving the mouse. New methods of touching are unlocked through gathering hearts. It’s important to touch skillfully without increasing her arousal too much. All of the fondling methods are performed with the mouse. There are 6 fondling scenes, each with various poses allowing different types of touching. The touching method is displayed over the fondling controller, allowing for eager fondling experiences. Plentiful expressions and fondling are displayed with smooth animations. *The display resolution is 900×1000, but it can be lowered with the X, C and V keys. This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Feel Up a Sexy Lifeguard! (RE299910)”

Circle:Uzura Studio


Genre:Touch / Feel,Buttocks,Breasts,Cross-section View,Swimwear,DLsite Official Translation,Outdoor Sex,Ponytail

Release date:10/02/2020