God's Succubus

[Summary] A pixel art sex game depicts the work of a succubus servicing men, created by God! [Story] Aki, a regular office worker, meets a tragic accident that results in her death. She is then brought back to life as a succubus by a god who requires payment in the form of lust from serving men. To please the god, Aki must strive to serve numerous men! [Gameplay] Serve men, earn payment to buy new services or helpful items. Hurry to serve as many as possible before midnight, as failing to meet the payment goal for the god means game over! – Over 22 pixel animations – 4 different maps (street, toilet, station, train) – Ability to undress Aki – background generated by AI (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Female Protagonist,Breasts,Dot / Pixel,Anime,Outdoor Sex,Orgy Sex

Release date:11/07/2023