NejicomiSimulator - Naked Idol's Live Broadcast!

NejicomiSimulator – Naked Idol’s Live Broadcast! Subtitle: “Save the Isekai by Cumsucking up those Love Juice Vaccines from your Giant Drill Dildo!” Now that’s a mouthful! Well, in her case a PUSSYFULL! A collaboration work between ONEONE1 and yabukaradoo that will make your dreams cum true~!!! The usual smooth Live2D animation featuring a girl wrecked by virtual cock… drawn by ONEONE1’s lead artist! Plenty of parts & status effects included! [STORY] ———————————————- The Year 20XX. —- A military organization in America dabbled with taboos. —- Creating a solider that fights even after death. A weapon that kills for the sake of killing. Not a human. No conscious. They developed a virus that turns the people into such an evil monster. The name of that virus be… the “Undead Virus”. As the name implies, creatures will move even after death. With no end to its rampage, the people of the world called it… Z Taking the Z from Zonbi, they named it the “Z Virus” Once someone is infected, there is only one way to cure them… Only the love juice of a certain beautiful girl, Satsuki Takanashi has any effect! Having overcome trials and tribulations, and become a global idol, Satsuki’s travels to an alternative dimension in search of the source of the Z virus. It is in this “Isekai” that she is persuaded by the King… to provide her love juice as a vaccine for all the denizens of the realm! She is hooked up to a giant drill dildo and thus begins her first public “live” in a while! Of course, her lewd display is magically broadcast to everyone in the world she came from… A global spectacle indeed!!! ———————————————- [Collaboration World Setting] Exhibitionist Sex Soldier Satsuki (by ONEONE1) The voice actress this time is Nene Tsukimori! With over 500 lines of dialogue recorded, there is plenty for your ears to enjoy! In this release the mouse dragging is associated with the following features; – Dildo penetration – Eye contact (with the mouse pointer) – Breast groping / pulling – Clit pinching / pulling (fapping when in futanari mode) – Forceful changing of her face direction – Pissing / Bukkake cumming all over her And MORE! [About the Trial Version] You can verify your system compatibility via the trial version. Make sure you check! Sometimes running on Android will cause an insufficient memory error. [About the Android Version] Bukkake and futa cum are not available due to technological constraints. [Login Bonuses] Login every day to get new gems with Twitter! If you don’t have Twitter, items and other features will be unlocked after 3 and 14 days. Make sure to log in every day! [Orgasm Bonus] Make her cum ten times in a day to get bonus gems! Besides, you want to keep her satisfied, right? [Twitter Link] Upload your animations to Twitter and you’ll get bonus gems for each like and retweet! Key Features * Timing and penetration method are critical! Onomatopoeias make it even more exciting! * You can even play it to an extent without any hands! Just enjoy the animation you’ve created after putting it on loop! You can set up to 14 shortcuts, too… * There’s petrification, faphole-ification, candle/wax-ification and time stopping in this one too! Choose different options in each setting for even more variety! * And with a simple motion of the mouse, you can piss and cum on her, too! Anywhere you want… it’s all up to you! (Bukkake is only available in the Windows version) * You can even make it something like a desktop accessory…! Touch it when you want! You can choose the way the dildo moves! You can do like, a lemon juicer thing. * View in cross-section cuts / seX-ray mode any time you want for a real-time look at what’s going on inside! Works great with onaholification! * Make her a futa so you can REALLY dick around! Increase and decrease cock size, and even jack her off! (Futanari cum only available in the Windows version) Bonus manga / CG contents! As a bonus, a prologue to this work is available in manga format. (* drawn by ONEONE1’s lead artist!) 33 pages (44 pages incl. variations) You can download the content via Ci-en (available in Japanese language only) When you clear the game’s tutorial, a present button will be displayed which contains the password for the CG collection archive. Manga samples drawn by ONEONE1’s lead artist! MASSIVE Amount of Content! [Parts / Features] Ball-gag, blindfold, male hands On/Off, dildo and dildo drill’s visibility, vibration or spin speed / strength and size, Cross-section cuts (seX-ray vision), breast size, clit size, body size, futanari, pussy tightness, egg (insemination) visibility On/Off, sensitivity (1~3000 times), skin color, hair color, hair style, sweat, time stopping, petrifaction, candle/wax-ification, faphole-ification, squirting amount, unlimited squirting mode On/Off, bukkake amount, direction fixation, type (piss, cum, golden powder, color spray, etc.), stickyness, futanari ejaculation, breathing, mouth type, expression, open / close, eye type, emotions, facial blushing and pale / blanch expressions, eye type / highlights / heart marks / heart size, openness, iris size and motion, cross eyes / eyebrows, eyebrow expression, height, body grafitti (22 locations), piercings (3 locations), cum (24 locations), arms / legs visibility, censorship style (black bar / mosaic), onomatopeia On/Off, background change, reverberation settings, drag sensitivity settings, sound effects / voice volume settings, language settings (Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese) [Situations] Ahegao, lewd moaning, nipple and genital piercings, body graffiti, cum covered body (bukkake), genital expansion, ballgag, foreign object insertion (giant drill dildo), pregbelly, daruma (limblessness), faphole-ification, petrifaction, candle/wax-ification, time stopping, breast milk / milk squirting, pussy squirting, peeing (on her), cumming all over her, futanari, sexual training / discipline, restraints / bondage



Genre:Touch / Feel,Cross-section View,Petrifaction,Time Stopping,Bukkake,Stretch / Expansion, Futanari,Body Modification

Release date:09/01/2021