Payback!? Touchinv!? A crowded train!! Mizuki Ichinomiya Edition

★★★Groping a bratty girl on a train to teach her a lesson After I was laid off from the company I’d worked at for many years, I consoled myself by buying booze and having it on the commuter train I no longer needed to take. Then, one day, a single girl appeared before me. Me Just being on the same train of you makes me feel like I’ve lost my dignity. Her scornful words made me leave the train on the next stop. What a bitch. She doesn’t know how I feel… How dare she…! Tomorrow on the train, I’ll make her regret looking down on me…! ★★★A simulation game about corrupting and humiliating a girl by molesting her The goal of the game is to max out the girl’s corruption within the time limit. If the bratty girl’s disgust reaches its maximum value before then, the game is over. Keep skirting the line so she won’t report you, and teach her a lesson…! ★★★The bratty girl writhes and squirms thanks to Live2D animation ★★★Includes invincibility mode To accommodate players who want to molest the girl without risk of running out of time or having to deal with her disgust the game includes an invincibility mode that has no time limit or fail condition. ★★★Profile of the bratty girl ■Name: Mizuki Ichinomiya ■Occupation: Planner at a large company ■Hobbies: Appreciating the classics ■Skills: Speaks 10 languages ■Likes: Her pet poodle ■Dislikes: Dirtiness, senselessness ■Taste in men: Someone of equal or greater status ■Details: She studied abroad at a highly prestigious college for young ladies. She has taken part in the campus beauty pageant where she won first prize. Several years later, she joined the company where her father is an executive. She always speaks her mind no matter who she’s talking to. Because her standards are too high, she is inexperienced with men. (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Touch / Feel,Successive Orgasms,Anime,OL,Upper-class Girl,Train,Internal Cumshot,Molestation

Release date:12/23/2023