There's a Weird Noise Coming from the Mens' Toilet~ [PC Ver.]

Use your mouse to control the H scenes in this gal game! You busted this girl masturbating in the boys’ toilet. Challenge her to a game of rock, paper, scissors, and if you win, you get to have sex with her. Teach this slut a lesson she’ll never forget! System – All scenes are animated in smooth Live2D. – All interactions in-game use the mouse for easy enjoyment. – As her “training” progresses, her reactions will change. – Cross-section views. – Adjustable ejaculation volume. – Her moans also change. ———————————————————- ver1.1: fixed Japanese text, added English version. Developed with Unity. Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.



Genre:Male Protagonist,Cross-section View,Student,Mesugaki,School / Academy,Masturbation,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:07/15/2023