UnHolY ToRturEr

[Story] This is the lair of devils…In this lewd hell of a basement, a lone female priest is brought in. Her name is Marianne, and with her strong holy aura, she is an ideal vessel for devils. The half dark elf torturer and sexual trainer Vera will stain her with darkness. Her cruel training begins… [Summary] An original SLG based on our sister circle “Unholy Production”‘s doujin comic. Become the sex slave teacher Vera, and sexually train the captured female priest Marianne into a slut! * Live2D animation Feeling and training scenes are all animated using Live2D. Watch as her large breasts sway with her intense training, and liquids splatter all over. * Sexual training development Use points accrued from training to acquire new monsters and tools to use in future training sessions. * Branching story Depending on your choice of training, development level and experience, her special statuses will change. Statuses unlock new dialogue, events, training, and even branching endings. [Situations] 5 types of touching / feeling 20+ scenes of sexual training Contains breast groping / milking, anal beads, spanking, forced oral, tentacles, and more.

Circle:Unholy Creation


Genre:Breasts,Violation,Slave,Captivity,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts

Release date:12/14/2019