Ararza vol.27 - Young female figthter/Assault movie (English text version)!

Imaizumi Tomoko and her group are searching for Rouge, with whom they were separated in the Gaidar valley. During their search, they run into an army of zombies. The team puts up a brave fight, but they are beaten and taken captive. This product describes how Tomoko gets sexually abused by Sumeru, who has fallen in love with her, in a series of images. Note that this product does not contain torture such as whipping or electric shocks. It does, however, contain mild erotic torture. For more details, please visit the circle’s home page. (All words are in English language) The translation was done by the circle themselves.



Genre:SF,Violation,Restraint,Rape,Big Breasts,Torture

Release date:Nov/13/2007