Are you here?!

Our life – the game! We are pawns in someone’s hands. Who is playing with our lives? On the chessboard clash two absolute forces of good and evil, light and darkness, the Lord God and the devi in an endless battle. Sly moves, clever combinations, defense and attack. Our souls are pawns on a chessboard. Cell by cell, move by move, we live our lives, but at the end of our souls accrue to either God or the devil. And another tricky combination deprived of the right to life of a young family. The devil is cunning and sophisticated in the game. The house where the family lived, was in flames. Guardian angels watched how dying their wards, but can’t do anything. These are the rules of the game. But one of them can’t easily look at it, and he rushed into the fire. The angel has gone against the rules and saved a little child from the fire. For his audacity, the angel has lost his wings and was left on the ground by his creator. 13 years later the devil is still want to take the pure soul of the child, which went out of his hands caused by a guardian angel. It’s time to get soul back. Demons, angels, all the forces of light and darkness are fighting for a pure soul of the child. And a fallen angel is against them all. who will be a winner? 22 pages Manga


Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:Sep/08/2011