Boundy Hunter 5 The Torture Pole!

It’s the return of Boundy Hunter with the fourth book in the blockbuster series. Connie and Lala have escaped and taken revenge on Katherine but the monster has escaped herself and fled into the deep desert. Exhausted she stumbles upon a village of Indian slavers and is compelled to fight in the arena. Victory will give her a new gang to rule, defeat will see her utterly destroyed… Meanwhile Lala and Connie are in Santa Fe looking for leads on Katherine’s whereabouts. Lala finds romance while Connie find the clue that might bring about Katherine’s final downfall…or their own… In this volume witness, diabolical inventions, lesbian sex and lots and lots of bondage as the western sexual odyssey continues… Our latest adult bondage comic, contains 10 full panel pages + cover in 2480 x 3508 pix (UHD1 resolution). Featuring: body transformation, lesbian bondage, rope bondage, slavery, whipping.. more on:


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Bondage Western

Genre:Bondage,Cat Fight

Release date:Jun/01/2016