Brother and Sister Boxing!

The mother of 18 year old twins, Mari and Koji, wishes to end the arguing between them. She insists they settle their problem in their backyard boxing ring. A problem at birth caused the son to be much smaller than the daughter, but the mother still believes the fight is an even match. Our story is offered in three versions: 1. Both women in bikinis – Japanese language 2. Both women topless – Japanese language 3. A longer and erotic English language version where the son gains an erection that the women take advantage of. All three versions make a total of forty images, plus nine edited bonus images. These are presented in 1024 x 768 pixel JPEG images in 17 MB zipped file. Illustrated by ZenbayMono Studio.

Circle:Fighting Zen

Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Boxing & Wrestling


Release date:Oct/09/2015