Doll House Kanegae 1 (English subtitle ver.)!

You wake up in a strange bedroom. He’s tied your hands and feet and muzzled you. You’re a silent doll in his hands. The pieces come together. His deception at the company. His feigned loyalty, his manipulation. The lies you believed. Hes been playing with you for some time. * These contents are movies with English subtitle.These are made from Japanese voice contents and a image. CV: Ouma Hakurou Translation:VerdelishJP Track 1 – first, i shall explain Track 2 – your clothes are dirty, let’s take them off Track 3 – i shall wash every part of you Track 4 – making it so you know who owns you 50 minutes 22 seconds

Circle:Otusun Club


Genre:Man/Middle-age,Dress Shirt,Oral Assault,Ashamed,Captivity,Madness

Release date:Aug/31/2016