Doll House Kanegae 3 (English subtitle ver.)!

Quite some time has passed since you began living with Kanegae. He may not seem to have changed, but the seams are unraveling and there is certainly a change taking place within you, yourself. You just cannot withstand only being at his side as a mere doll. Perplexed by your actions, Kanegae denies everything you give him. Here we are, at the last chapter of this series! As a bonus track, comments from the CV are included. * These contents are movies with English subtitles. They are made using Japanese voice contents + images. CV: Ouma Hakurou Translation: VerdelishJP Track 1 – Let’s massage those cold feet of yours Track 2 – Let’s get in the bath Track 3 – Love me with your mouth Track 4 – Together Forever 47 minutes 58 seconds

Circle:Otusun Club


Genre:Man/Middle-age,Decadent/Immoral,Oral Assault,Restraint,Humiliation,Madness

Release date:May/23/2017