Don't Go Mother!

Eita, this is Kouji, mommy’s friend. Mommy’s thinking of marrying him. Unable to bear the thought, Minako’s son ran from the house. He lingered by the river, where she found him and tried to persuade him. I would never abandon you, she said. But Eita wouldn’t hear it. He blurted out, But I’m the one who loves you! Minako was moved, and took her son’s hand. They walked by the river. Come, Eita, I’ll put you at ease. A story of mother-son love. Themes and actions are seduction, cuckoldry, sex and deflowering of a boy, fellatio, anal, handjob, bukkake, and more The netori / netorare is strong, but it ends with her son in mother’s bosom. 29 monochrome pages + bonus color page 63 total pages incl. text, text-free sets

Circle:lemon cake

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Mother,Married Woman,Cuckoldry,Cuckoldry (Netori),Internal Cumshot,Incest

Release date:Dec/25/2016