Dress Up Game HTML!

1 base image + diverse kisekae (dress up) variations This is a browser-based outfit customization game Outfits incl. bra and panties, nurse, schoogirl, maid, bunny girl, swimwear, cheerleader, PE hosrts/gym uniform, cat ears, rabit ears, body scrawling Toys (with piston movement) incl. electrode, rotor, speculum, vibrator, cucumber, flute/recorder Various face, hair, voice and skin color customizations 17 varieties of background image Compatible with the most recent browsers (tested on Windows 7) CV: Rutolo Nanagi Illust: Mu-o-to

Circle:Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise


Genre:Toy,Gym Clothes,Swimwear,Maid,Cosplay,Gym Shorts,Bunny Girl

Release date:Jun/25/2015