First Day at Dormitory!

Ryan can’t believe that he has to go to a boarding school after summer holidays. His parents just made that discussion without him. First, Ryan thinks that his life will be over, and he will have no fun at the new school. But on the very first day at the new school, an adventure begins which will continue in more chapters. First Day at Dormitory is the first chapter of the adventures Ryan will have at boarding school. And one thing is very strange: this school is America’s First Nudist School where students can be naked every Friday after classes and on special occasions. That makes that school a very special place, and Ryan loves that new school after awhile … especially after he met Enkidu and Samuel … Already in progress is the second and third chapter: First Day at Laundromat and First Day at Gymnasium Full Story Comic, 44 pages with about 90 images.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi / Gay Manga

Genre:Boys Love,Masturbation,Orgy Sex

Release date:Jun/09/2017