Free Hope Ch.4-5!

Freehope 4 More and more wayward young ladies are ending up at Freehope, and new rooms are sparse. Kendra learns she will be getting a roommate and embraces her tour guide opportunity, all with the hidden motive of escape. Her soon-to-be roommate meets the warden and is shown the ropes, and a run in with Officer Mead puts a damper on Kendra’s escape plan. Story & Art by EPOCH. freehope5 Kendra’s plan for escape is underway. As Kendra and Dez cautiously maneuver through the old catacombs of the Freehope facility, they make a grim discovery that nearly gets them caught. However, some quick thinking on Kendra’s part saves them from immediate danger, and brings her face to face with her destiny. Story & Art by EPOCH. Total of 100 pages.

Circle:Crazy3D Team

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Girl,Loli,Blowjob,Big Breasts

Release date:Jul/12/2010