Furry Town Story 01 - The PussyCat Family!

Caesar is the young lucky boy who has to replace his busy father as the family head and take care of 3 Cat Animas; his mother, older sister and little sister. Not only helping their daily tasks, but also fulfill their sexual needs. The PussyCat family consists of : 1. Celine, the busty slutty horny mother. A married Cat Anima having much more libido that means Caesar has to give extra effort to please her. Fortunately, although his appearance is not Anima, he has the stamina. 2. Cattlyn, Caesar’s older sister by only one year. That’s made them best friends and also intimate lovers. 3 . Catherine, the adorable little sister. She has a very sensitive armpit and that’s made her very easy to be teased. 2 Modes; – Human Version (sample 1) – Anima Version (sample 2) CG + Story Total : 45 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Loli,Mature Woman/Milf,Animalize,Incest,Bestiality,Nekomimi (Cat Ears)

Release date:Jun/16/2015