goorugooru sexy mission (w/english interface)!

This is a dream tool – which scans a picture and makes the girl on that picture move the sexy way you want. You can edit facial expression as well as boob and waist movement. You can touch her face, boobs and waist directly with mouse and move them. she will respond with sweet voice. You can leave kiss marks on her body, and also lick, bite, do candle play! If you see mouse cursor on the screen, she will look at such direction. There are 10 kinds of facial expressions as default, and they are free to edit and used to create. You can create sexy animation by editing the character’s facial expression and body figure – from one picture. You can save settings (Eyes, mouth, boobs, waist position, facial expression, speed) as a project. Easy navigation by only clicking the locations of eyes, mouth, boobs, waist! Demo movie is available from the following website:




Release date:Apr/30/2009