How to discipline your maid in right way (English-translated version)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) Full voice original erotic animation. Disciplining a young girl who just started working at a Maid Cafe. The erotic coaching has just begun. The Maid Girl has to be disciplined with oral sex, blindfold, vibrator, bondage, etc., one after another. All erotic scenes with toon shading; full animation. The full color graphics animation allows you to view the intricate facial expressions, dripping human discharge, etc. Full voice, SE, BGM. In addition to character voice, we have no doubt that you fully enjoy the sequence of scenes with sensitive yet erotic sound effects, BGM. Very simple operation system with a mouse and a numeric keypads. You can select the scene, fast-forward, rewind, use the menu. All of these operations can be done with one hand quite easily and quickly. 800×600 SVGA size used. *Update Information (JAN 26, 2010) Problem related to the disabled arrow key control in some types of keyboard is corrected.

Circle:Nylon heart


Genre:Loli,Maid,Bondage,SM,Sexual Training,Restraint

Release date:Feb/08/2008