Hypnoslave investigator REIKA Part 3 (Language: English)!

Reika Anzai spotted out the den of the suspect for the serial missing cases of beautiful women. (Story in Part 1). Captivated, Reika is subjected to brainwashing to become a sex slave of the evil organization… (Story in Part 2). Having been brainwashed, the investigator possesses a split personality. The leader of the organization does not stop giving her more brainwashing exercises. On the same night, Alex, abducted and prisoned, tries to escape from the den somehow… Then she spots out her friend undergoing strange treatment… 49 pages in full color Size: 1075*1495 with PDF file


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Breast Milk,Sexual Training,Hypnosis,Golden Shower/Urination,Anal,Tentacle

Release date:Jan/20/2012