Lewd Consultation Room - English voice version!

Unemaro 3D’s first product to be translated and voiced in English. A female doctor with a stethoscope conducts strange medical examinations. She makes the man who come to see her take off his clothes and has a nurse lick his genital . Enjoy the feminine doctor and the large-breasted nurse in a story of turning the tables. ===== Exclusive interview with Umemaro 3D!! ===== Umemaro 3D’s interview is available on: https://eng.dlsite.com/circle/report/=/report/0016 ========================================= NOTE: THIS ITEM WILL NOT RUN ON MAC OS. WE WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE A MAC COMPUTER.

Circle:Umemaro 3D


Genre:Nurse,Doctor,Big Breasts

Release date:Dec/22/2007