- little ballerina - Hina! (English Version)!

Full animation on the theme of interspecies sex featuring supple-bodied ballet girls who dream to become a prima donna. Acrobatic r*pe of the two pure girls by creatures from the demon realm! Frenetic performance in the hellish feast! Hina is a ballet girl who is taking evening lessons in preparation for the spring ballet concourse. However, her brother harbors inhuman passions for her, seeing her in her leotard. He can’t hold his love for her back, and the girl can’t stop her own reaction either. In time the siblings open the forbidden door… Suzu is a young, shy ballerina who desperately wants to tell her upperclassman how she feels. One night she secretly enters the ballet classroom, where she sees Hina and her brother in the middle of an obscene lesson. The girl’s body grows heated. And in the shadows, something sniffs out her scent… Tentacles of the ones that came from another dimension devour the innocent girl…! CV: Mashiro Satou (two girls) This is a 800×600-sized movie product in mp4 format. Playtime is 43-and-half minutes. Attention: Prior to the purchase This product requires a high-powered computer to play the movie smoothly. Please confirm the compatibility with the trial version prior to the purchase. You need to have Windows Media Player that can play files in mp4 format. If the movie does not play correctly, please install the codecs (such as ffdshow and K-Lite Codec Pack).



Genre:Breasts,Lots of White Cream/Juices,Glasses,Junior and Senior Students,Leotard,Tentacle

Release date:Dec/14/2012