Mai - Sonata of Disgrace (w/ English Subtitles) !

Mai collapses in the ring in an underground fighting assault orgy. Severe gut-punched, acupuncture nipple f**ked, distorted body complex, clit hammering, p*ssy pounding, vibrator in womb hardcore beautiful ninja porno masochistic r*pe violation slavery (!), produced with clear and smooth 3DCG full-animation!! 4th in a series of ryona gape-c**ting uber obscene movie! 16:9 widescreen 3DCG in 854×480 resolution – fully motion animated work that once again holds nothing back, for max sexual excitement. Full voice of moaning, panting and dirty words Character’s voice from YUKI KURAN Development of the Love liquid system gets an upgrade to Ver. 2.0 for even richer expression of body fluids. Enhanced perfect character system is boosted to Ver. 3.0 which enables to even better movements of shaking breast, waggling hips, and disheveled hair in details as a form of perfect full-animation. Please download the demo version and experience it! ——————————————————— Sample is below ——————————————————— [Product details] Movie runs approximately 25 minutes This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle themselves. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) [Special bonus] Special pictures (JPEG format 1280×960 pixel) [Cast] MAI: YUKI KURAN [Staff] General Director: Dr.TESLA Planning and Producer: BRIGHTONE Film script: BRIGHTONE literature division Image producer: Colossus Sound: OLDMARKET




Release date:Nov/10/2010