Mao, the Magical Girl of Devildom 2  - School of The Tentacle - (English Translated Version)!

Last time, our heroine Mao was being overrun by demons and running away to the human realm. Several months later, he wounds healed, she attends a school where the enemy is lurking on a survey mission and her classmate, Alisa, falls into enemy hands… Mao heads out alone to save her, but… This software was done in a Flash Projector style. The text appearing in this production is written in English, but the voicing is done in Japanese. * Toon-styled 3D CG Animation * The luscious realism of 3D animation in a huge 680×480 size! Watch the tentacles wriggling! With the Flash Projector style, you can feel free to enjoy this production at your leisure. * Story Unfolds Complete With Voiced Dialogue * This is a continuation of our previous production, however, you can still enjoy this production as a one-shot. Our voice actress is Nagase Yuzuha-san, the same as our previous production. * Album Mode * Watch your favorite points again and again! You can confirm that the software is compatible with your PC using our trial version. Please see our Circle’s homepage for more information!



Genre:Magical Girl,Uniform,School,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Tentacle

Release date:Jul/29/2008