NTR Reporter - Yuki [Cheating Report]!

CG Collection of a busty NTR Reporter, Yuki Tsumamoto when she’s just a newbie until become a pro sex reporter. January 2012, she shows up on a NewsTV program, but she was complained by viewers because her busty appearance is doesn’t match a normal news program. September 2012, she starts working for NTRTV. She debuts at the Sex Cooking Channel and the show ratings rise up drastically. After one episode of SCC, she is moved to LIVE program (demanded by her fans) and given her own program NTR Reporter – Yuki. Her first job is to investigate the 2 popular urban places for cheating society. The places are MILF Molester Train (A train that set up for molest & groping MILFs only) & Pleasure Garden (A midnight park where cheating husbands & wives meet up & have sex). Contain News Version with texts & CG Version without texts.


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Cuckoldry,Breast Milk

Release date:Sep/23/2012