Seduction in the Interrogation Room (English voice version)!

* The [ENGLISH VOICE VERSION] of Seduction in the Interrogation Room All right, it’s time to begin the investigation~ [Differences from the Japanese language version] – Voice has been localized into English (Performed by a NATIVE English Speaker) – Audio has been change to Stereo. – Sound Effects have been added. – The Script has both Japanese and English (you can check this out in the trial version) – Bonus second sound channel version included. —————————————————————————- Under suspicious of lingerie theft you are arrested, taken to a securely locked interrogation room and held captive by a female police officer. Holding up a stern denial towards the accusations of lingerie theft, the officer decides to take drastic measures to get a confession out of you… Drastically sweet & saucy erotic measures with her body that is…!? —————————————————————————- [Track List] Track 1 – Cross Examined With Nowhere to Run (Handjob) (15 min) Track 2 – A Confession At Any Cost (Lotus Position, Ear Tease, Creampie) (20 min) Track 3 – The Epilogue (2 min) Playback time: Approximately 37 minutes + with / without SFX versions + bonus version MP3 file format —————————————————————————- Translation: DLsite Illustration: Kotatsu. Scenario: Offushoal Detective Editing: CrackerJaxx



Genre:Onesan/Older Girl/Older Sister,Romance,Romance,Romance,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Submissive Man

Release date:Oct/04/2017