A new high quality interactive CG collection and animations featuring Shira**i Mai from K*ng of F*ghters! Mai beats Terry in a friendly Match, and he takes his revenge… * Enjoy watching Mai’s sexy poses, revealing her athletic body, and her big bouncing breasts! Features: * Story mode made up of CG images, and six animated sex positions, with sound and voice, choice of camera angles, and clothing. * Includes oral, cunnilingus, anal sex, breast sex, and more. * Bonus Gallery of 12 CG images of Mai in sexy poses, with choice of camera angles, and clothing. * Open or remove Mai’s dress, panty, and accessories. * Orgasm during any position! During animation, choose when to orgasm, and choose internal or external orgasm. * Choose the camera angle, all animations have 3 camera angles (some animations also have an internal camera view) * Skip to any scene * Save any images you want to your computer * 6 base animations, with 3 camera angles, and ability to remove clothing, total of 50 animation sequences. * 38 base CG images, most with 3 camera angles and removal of clothing, a total of 350 variation images. This is the first production, Cherry Cherry Peach will return with more high-detail 3DCG and animation.

Circle:Cherry Cherry Peach


Genre:Breast Sex,Blowjob,Anal

Release date:Aug/30/2010