Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: GALAXY EDITION!

GalaxyPink’s original Sexual Fantasy Kingdom is back, bigger, longer, and better! It’s been updated and upgraded, and includes an all-new bonus scene! There are 8 scenes, with 30 animated sex positions, shown in 90 camera angles, and 300 CG images, featuring 20 original characters! Throughout the kingdom, girls are surrendering to their sexual fantasies, featuring not only humans, but elves, orcs, and other creatures too! This volume is the original introduction to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies, that launched the entire series. Every scene has been retouched with new-and-improved lighting and texture shaders, for higher detail and realism. Some scenes have added animations, and some are completely redesigned and recreated! There is new sound design, and voices by Himari, Nanase Watarai, Sayaka Keina, Nitrogoblin, and GalaxyPink, and a new version of the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom theme music by Yoshiki Ara, played by GalaxyPink on the guitar. –The Galaxy Edition has an all-new, all-original bonus scene featuring GalaxyPink herself, and her real-life friend November, in a lush dream sequence with 180 images, and eight animations! It’s at least twice as big as any other GalaxyPink scene so far! –The magic shop witch tries out a futanari potion on her catgirl servant – this scene is completely redesigned with all-new artwork! –The hapless adventuress is waylaid by orcs, in her classic scene, with higher resolution and better image quality! –The sorceress awakens the desert stone golem using her sexual energy, in a remastered scene with an additional all-new animation. –The peasant girl has her rendezvous with her forest giant paramour in a sweetly, softly upgraded version of her original scene. –The demonologist summons a futanari angel into her evil lair – this scene is completely redesigned with all-new artwork too! –The daring tomb-robbing thief is attacked by a creeping ghoul with one all-new animation added to her original harrowing scene. –A futanari elf sorceress tries to free her beautiful friend from fairy magic by powering up her sexual energy, in the original 2008 Anniversary Edition bonus scene. If you loved the original version, the GALAXY EDITION will amaze you! Please enjoy the Free Trial version (contains one full animated scene, and one gallery), and you will come back for more. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!



Genre:Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:May/03/2014