Shopping Fun!

At first Ben doesn’t like the idea of his girlfriend Miranda shopping at the new boutique. However Miranda can convince him and she tries some sexy lingerie. When Kate, the boutique owner, leaves the room for a moment Miranda and Ben start to have some fun together. They’re both horny and have sex in the dressing room. Too bad they didn’t hear Kate coming back. She’s not amused and gives them a choice: She calls the police or they pay for the lingerie and let her join the hot action! You can see this also for you ladies! Show this little naughty story to your men and they’ll be glad to go shopping with you again… The graphic novel includes sex scenes from the following genres: Boy/Girl Boy/Girl/Girl Oral Vaginal The lovers of these categories will like it: Big Tits Threesome Facials Cumshots Cabin Sex Public Sex


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Bukkake,Facial,Blowjob,Orgy Sex

Release date:Feb/16/2014