~Shrine Maiden~ Ameria!

The second ~Onsen Hime~ Flash animation gallery is here! We started our tour with some hot babes from the Regency of Dylonia. In this animation we give you everyone’s favorite buxom Shrine Maiden – Ameria Rejuvonii in her very own animation gallery. This is voyeurism at it’s best, as you take a small peek into the day in the life of a Shrine Maiden. Watch as she sleeps, strips off clothing, bathes and more! We give you our second installment with a whopping fifteen(15) erotic short animations and a new menu and navigation system for easy scene progression. Our latest release can be viewed without Web browsers, or using a flash player. However, if your system is not compatible with that method, alternate methods using Flash Player and/or using a Web Browser have been provided. Details in Readme.txt provided with the product.



Genre:Shrine Maiden

Release date:Nov/30/2011