Sleep and you're fu*ked! (burakon imouto)!

English Subtitles included Sanae-chan is a shy girl that spends most of the day dreaming about her beloved ‘oniichan’, she’s always fantasizing situations about him. One day ‘oniichan’ is deep sleeping and Sanae-chan has the chance of her life to do whatever she wants… * no penetration scenes / only whispering, licking,etc… binaural sound / Voice: Gemiko Yamada length: about 9 minutes resolution: 1280×720 pixels file format: avi (video: H264, audio: pcm/wave) genre: younger sister, glasses, older brother, incest ————————————-

Circle:Shitamachi mousou-gai

Categories:Software,Anime / Whisper Voice

Genre:Glasses,Younger Sister,Older Brother,Incest

Release date:Nov/10/2016