Soldiers vs Girls!

A group of evil soldiers find 2 little girls alone in a playground and they decide to test their aim, so the evil soldiers start to shoot these girls. The girls managed to escape, and one of them using a slingshot, hits the shrink grenades of the captain. The explosion made all soldiers shrink! This animation tells the history of 2 shrunken soldiers, the captain got caught by the little girls and they decided to bury the captain alive using a mini coffin! The other soldier managed to escape, but he broke his leg when he was running, now he is in the path of a schoolgirl about to be crushed! The tiny soldier will be all the day stuck under her shoes, until she finally notices him there and decides to step harder to crush him! Watch the animation and enjoy how the girls dominate the tiny soldiers, the first soldier is buried alive in a mini grave by two little girls, and the other soldier is stuck on the soles of a schoolgirl, you will watch the schoolgirl stepping on the tiny soldier all the day and in the end she will crush him like a bug. Enjoy replays in another cameras and slow motion too, showing better what happened. To be buried alive is a fetish related to masochism, I never saw in Internet any animation illustrating this fetish, this animation is probably the first to explore this fetish.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / Submitting Man Academy Animation


Release date:Jun/15/2017