Stone Sorceress Ep. 3!

This product contains both Japanese and English versions. English Version – Voice: English / Japanese subtitle Demon Depravity On Parade – Episode 3 A horny demon with a massive penis is indiscriminately ravishing the beautiful women of provincial Lustria. The only one who’s happy about this is Sara Slane — the Stone Sorceress — and her golem lover Stoney who have arrived on the scene! Nok’Tus presents a rich episode of spanking, massage, devil deboning, hide and f*ck, crushing orgasms, cunnilingus and anal, with a rainbow of sexy hair colors (and plenty of bush!) FEATURES: – 3D animation 10:00 minutes – PC resolution: 1280×720 HD MP4 – 100 bonus pix WEB: Thanx for checking out Stone Sorceress :]


Categories:Software,Anime / Fantasy


Release date:Aug/25/2016