This story consists of two episodes: TRYST EPISODE 1 In the majestic kingdom of Valpernia, a beautiful princess finds love in one of the king’s royal guard. However, their love cannot be, for the princess is to marry only royalty. So the two secretly meet near an old cathedral and profess their love to one another, wishing only to be able to be in each other’s arms. Soon, roles in the kingdom change, and enemies who know of their tryst come out of nowhere and cause trouble for the princess and her lover. Enjoy this fantastic adult fairytale that you’d never read in the pages of a classic book! TRYST EPISODE 2 Iltioc arrives at the dungeon where the princess is being held captive. Immediately she discovers her kidnapping was merely a ploy to call her secret lover to battle! But will her true love reach her in time before she is violated by these foul men? Find out in the fantastic conclusion to this wonderful fairy tale! TOTAL OF 90 PAGES! Story & Art by EPOCH.

Circle:Crazy3D Team

Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:Jun/01/2010