Ultra Lux Neon 01!

********************************** If you were blessed with some kind of special power, how would you use it? She uses her power for fighting. To fight against monsters, She transforms into… Ultra Lux Neon. *********************************** – Ryona (cruelty) themed comic featuring a transforming heroine. – She is not so talkative, but has extraordinary strong flesh and soul. – Monsters are as strong as her, or perhaps stronger than her. – Violation, belly punching and bleeding expressions contained. – Author’s Fantia page: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/1755 Contents: JPG file format 28 pages total incl. cover, synopsis, artworks, main content, preview of next work and back cover


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Hot,Breasts,Transforming Girl,Fight,Short hair,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Sep/23/2017