When Tori and Renee take on what might be the biggest story of their lives, they invite Dr. Carlson, futanari expert and futa girl herself, to teleconference with them and help bring this story to the viewers. But when Tori reveals her secret, Renee can’t resist the instant sex appeal of a woman with a phenomenally large dick and Dr. Carlson is only too happy to watch! Cameras still rolling, Renee is soon impaled upon her co-anchor’s huge member and oblivious to everything else but the deep sensation that’s taken the women of Earth by storm. Their camera girl can’t resist Tori’s charm or her intense craving for the anchor’s cock and soon we’ve learned that futanari girls are truly irresistible. Total 104 CGs


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / 3DX Futanari Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Lesbian,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Aug/08/2016