Simple Black Jack [Multilingual Windows Ver.]

This is the DLsite Official English / Chinese translation of “Simple Black Jack [Japanese Ver.] (RE249436)” * Save data cannot be transferred between these different versions. ——————– When you try to confess your love to Sakura, another girl named Momo comes into your way…! “If you date Sakura, the world will go extinct,” she says. “If you give up, I’ll take the role of your girlfriend instead. You can have my breasts in your hands. You can do whatever you want!” she follows. Let a naughty Black Jack game begin…! [Gameplay] This is a simple game where she will show you “this” and “that” when you win against her in a game of Black Jack. The game part and the event scenes will alternate in a manner that will prevent tiresome or boring play! + There is some secret scenarios to be unlocked…! – 13 base CG (2+ variations for each) – Gallery mode implemented (unlocked after clearing the game) – About 40 event scenes (incl. secret content) Languages Contained: English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Japanese * Can switch between languages via the “uchu” logo button at the Bottom Right. Check out the Trial Version to see what the game is like. (Contains the beginning part of the game.) Contains overlapping content with: “Simple Black Jack [Japanese Ver.] (RE249436)” “Simple Black Jack [Multilingual Mac/Android Ver.] (RE255166)”.



Genre:Moe,Buttocks,Breasts,Student,Uniform,School / Academy

Release date:06/06/2019