Sleep and You’re Fu*ked!!

Anime / Fantasy / Movie Software

Sleep and You're Fu*ked!!

Feeling lonely in a slow day when just one person is watching her live stream Ellel decides to meet that unique viewer. That viewer did a terrible mistake… he fell asleep while watching her stream! No no no! Now she is free to do all kinds of things, like kissing him, rubbing her ass on him, even oh no…even using his dick to fu*k her ass! Warning! All people from the universe never sleep when you’re watching a live stream cause you’ll be fu*ked! Anal Buttocks Woman R*pes Man No voiced dialogs only moan. voice content from: Tatakae onna no ko 2 cv: Hina Sakabuki ver. English subtitles for the dialogs. resolution 1280×720 pixels duration +/-8 minutes video: avi H264 audio: mp3

Circle:Shitamachi mousou-gai

Categories:Software,Anime / Fantasy / Movie

Genre:Buttocks,Sleep Sex,Woman Rapes Man,Anal

Release date:Jan/11/2016


Dead Tide III: Dark Cargo!

Digital Novel Game

Dead Tide III: Dark Cargo!

While in pursuit of Jessenia the Dread Pirate Queen, Gazukull and Alia find themselves aboard an old friend’s frigate. Jutta, the Privateer captain, entertains her guests in all manner; exploiting her ship’s Dark Cargo! Join us for our second presentation in the Ren’Py Visual novel format for story telling! WHAT’S INCLUDED A Visual Novel including 72 images and 11 Aniloops rendered at 1920×1080. This series has vaginal, anal, oral, and double penetration sex. The entire comic is original art rendered in Octane. Rated XXX for Mature Adults.


Categories:Game,Digital Novel

Genre:Blowjob,Restraint,Orgy Sex,Anal,Big Breasts,Large Cock

Release date:Jan/19/2014


Suima – Episode 1 (English version)!

Anime / 3D-movie adventure Software

Suima - Episode 1 (English version)!

NOTICE FROM DLSITE.COM (UPDATED NOV 25TH) THIS TITLE HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO ENGLISH SUBTITLE VERSION. If you have purchased this item as a DLsite member, you can download this English subtitle version from Download History in MyPage. Tonight, just another victim is going to be chosen… Details: – Over 60 minutes of full dict110ai 3D animation movie! – 2 kinds of stories are available: violation and sexual training. – Long-loop animation system realized the super-real dict110ai animation! – Ejaculation cenes are even more enhanced! It’s a must-see! – Cross-section image of vagina is equipped! First-person view is also available for the first time! – Comes equipped with Movie mode and loop-animation mode! – Full voice! Exciting sound effects! ===== Exclusive interview with Double Soft Cream!! ====== Double Soft Cream’s interview is available on: https://eng.dlsite.com/circle/report/=/report/0052

Circle:Double Soft Cream

Categories:Software,Anime / 3D-movie adventure

Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Rape,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:Oct/26/2008


Break Room (Language: English)!

Anime Software

Break Room (Language: English)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) After working until late at night, the protagonist had a little break in a break room. Then his superior, Reika appears. He secretly had a feeling for her, so he couldn’t help admiring her beauty. Then, she came in front of him and said, Hey, let’s… do it. While the protagonist was at a loss, Reika started teasing him. A long night of her sexual assault has begun… *This is a 3DCG animation movie of a horny woman. (640×80 pixels). *Various erotic scenes are included such as breast sex, foreplay and different body positions. *The female character is fully voice acted by Phan Masaki. *More scenes than the previous work! It contains 112 scenes and the animation has approx. 36 minutes. *Watchable in a browser. Animation is in Windows Media format. Looping option is available. * 1. Please be sure to check that the demo version plays on your computer before purchasing. * 2. The operation of this title is guaranteed for Internet Explorer for Windows only.



Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Woman Rapes Man,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:Jul/29/2009



Doujinshi Manga


After losing his wife, Rick trusted no one more than Daryl. In the steamy baths of night the troubled ex-cop guides Daryl in an intimate male encounter when he himself has little knowledge of men. Having only ever experienced r*pe, Daryl is reluctant. Having only been with women, Rick’s gentility… * English and Japanese translations both included. A Walking D*ad Darick BL manga by MECCHORI.



Genre:Man/Middle-age,Older Man (Submissive),Anal,Muscular,Sturdy,Beard

Release date:Dec/12/2015


Princess Escape!

Game RPG

Princess Escape!

The princess has been captured. Disable the traps, solve the puzzles and escape the r*pist enemies. Demons, slimes, tentacles and humans are all threats to her freedom! Will she succeed, or be forever doomed as a slave of the rival kingdom? 12+ endings, 20+ sex events, 2 true endings * Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free) https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package



Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Queen/Princess,Fantasy,Coercion,Coercion/Compulsion,Anal

Release date:Oct/06/2012


Chronicles of Dun’Ragon: Demon Orcs!

CG Set / Hentai CG Collection Software

Chronicles of Dun'Ragon: Demon Orcs!

Years after the ceasefire between elves and orcs, there were telltale signs of unrest in the forests of Stormwood Empire. It began with attacks on the elven farms. The villagers were vigilant about ambushes, but this was different. This was an entirely new breed of orc, plundering neither food nor cattle. The cadaverous, beady-eyed r*pists were here for something, or rather someone, else.


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Elf/Fairy,Animalize,Fantasy,Orgy Sex,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:Dec/30/2015


Camp Trip!

Digital Comic / Incest Loli Fantasy Comic Software

Camp Trip!

~ Another great illustrated novel in full color by Robon-Nepen ~ The story of a young man seducing a mother’s daughter, and having his way with her on a camping trip. The product is a 48 page full color comic, 30 panel style comic with minimal text and 30 panel style comic without text. Included are 10 bonuses/alternate images not used in the comic, with different outfits. Total 116 images. Sex includes Oral and blowjob, Missionary, Doggy, Anal, Cowgirl and Laying flat. Creampie and cumshot finishes. One of the hottest illustrated stories by Robo-Nepen!


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Incest Loli Fantasy Comic

Genre:Loli,Outdoor,Internal Cumshot,Incest,Anal,Braid

Release date:Sep/06/2016


Tanya & the Succubus (by AMUSTEVEN)!

CG Set / Hentai 3DCG Software

Tanya & the Succubus (by AMUSTEVEN)!

An evil succubus has toppled the kingdom. Princess Tanya is ready to die defending her people! But the unstoppable demoness has no intention of killing her. This conquerer is here to sate her pleasure with the cute princess! 82 high quality images in JPEG format


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai 3DCG

Genre:Buttocks,Bukkake,Anal,Big Breasts,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Jul/16/2015