This work comes with an English subtitled version along with a Japanese version. An animation of Kann-chan, a black cat who is active in “Kurokkuro’s Study”. Kurokkuro’s Study Black cat Kann-chan Heartwarming fun cat space travel animation Want to you compete with a spaceship on the moon? Is it true that there is a rabbit? What’s on the other side of the moon? If you go-you will understand! An anime version of the comic “Kan-chan gets the Lunar rock”. Full color animation of voice and music! This is the story of Kan-chan, who travels in space after receiving a rocket from God. It happened during a sightseeing trip to the moon … The rabbit I met was a prince!? Enjoy 8 minutes 17 seconds with Kang from start to finish. [Bonus] ・ As a bonus, you will receive 10 animation scene wallpapers (5 for PC, 5 for smartphone) and a spilled story file about the story ♪ ・ A file with transcribed lines in Japanese and English will also be presented ♪ It can be enjoyed by people with hearing impairments and people from overseas. Contents Approximately 86MG in total (approximately 80MG in the main story) Main story 8 minutes 17 seconds mp4 format Appendix 1 (wallpaper) jpg format Appendix 2 (spill story) jpg format Appendix 3 (Japanese / English subtitles) txt format

Circle:Atelier Tuki


Genre:Healing,Anime,Animal / Pet,SF,Heartwarming,Fantasy

Release date:11/18/2020