at Zanarkand

The ALL NEW, superbly crafted 3DCG anime from Atlier KOB, completed at the moment of collapse by its dedicated author! *** STORY **************************************************** Y*na and Tid*s have come to Zanarkand to defeat the Sin, destroyer of worlds. Tomorrow Y*na will summon the ultimate form in battle, but she will die. Tonight, on the sleepless eve of battle, she and Tid*s embrace for the last time… ******************************************************************** Exquisite beauty, a world of blended delusions and reality like the love scene of a film. The heroine of a masterpiece from years ago returns now in an adults-only love story, painstakingly rendered for accuracy and respect to the original work, while taking the fantasy to passionate heights you MUST SEE. Y*na-chan has never been more real. This is fantasy no one believed would ever be possible in 2001! Completely rendered 3D assets make this closer to the in-game FMVs than posters or drawn fanart, but even stalwart fans of 2D will be won over by the incredible detail and graphic sexuality on display. You can fap to this with confidence. In every respect, this is Y*na. Signature Full HD high quality rendering from Atelier KOB. * Our next project is already in development! * We’re going for even more realism with a loli-loli character, this is going to be a really risky release! Look forward to it! Note: Please check the trial version to confirm compatibility. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

Circle:Atelier KOB


Genre:Anime,3D Works

Release date:01/24/2014