Geezer who Cums in his Daughter's Mouth

Runtime: 20 minutes 12 seconds! All fellatio, all oral cumshot animation! An anime about Rinka Takanashi, a girl whose mouth is constantly being used by her father. The main character is Rinka Takanashi, who appeared in the previous CG set, “Just a CG Set About Cumming in Uchinaka-san’s Mouth 300 times.” There is no deep story, so there is no problem even if you don’t know the previous work. Please note that the content is all fellatio (including deepthroat), with all oral cumshots. There is no other sex, and she never undresses. In addition to Japanese subtitles, there are also English subtitles. Scene 1  Punishment blowjob 6 minutes 4 seconds Scene 2 Aphrodisiac blowjob 7 minutes 7 seconds Scene 3 Public toilet blowjob 2 minutes 47 seconds Scene 4 Final blowjob 4 minutes 14 seconds Total: 20 minutes 12 seconds



Genre:Loli,Daughter,Father,Blowjob / Fellatio,Incest,Cum Swallowing,Oral Cumshot,Forced Oral / Irrumatio

Release date:03/10/2023