【English-only voice】Your own home date with your girlfriend

【English-only voice】Your own home date with your girlfriend

When you return home, she is waiting for you in your room. She notices your daily efforts and fatigue and begins to massage you to soothe you. With her gentle hands and words, you enjoyed the time together, forgetting the fatigue of everyday life. The next thing you know, you feel sleepy and dream of a future for the two of you as she falls to her knees – and you are asleep. Mmmm, her sleepy face…very, very cute♪ This will be an audio work produced in Japan and recorded in English.01 Your return home and her welcome 02 Her massage and relaxation 03 Sleeping on her lap 04 Dreaming of the future with you Recorded with a monaural microphone. *Secondary distribution or reprinting of both audio and images is prohibited. 【Scenario】 Sushizudako 【Illustration】 Mitsuni Aome 【Formats】 Voice, ASMR 【File Format】 Voice format: WAV 【Age Range】 All ages (English product description provided by the creator.)

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Release date:11/14/2023