Beauty Salon Aphrodite - Rikka Hishiyama [English Ver.]

Summary *This work contains overlapping content with “Beauty Salon Aphrodite – Rikka Hishiyama (RJ282001)”. *Audio is in Japanese, but includes English subtitles. ************************************************************************************ Recorded with a high-quality NEUMANN KU100 microphone for enhanced sound quality! Also features plenty of ear licking, everyone’s favorite! Get ready for a three dimensional sound experience that hits deep inside your ears! ************************************************************************************ Welcome to Aphrodite, the private beauty and relaxation salon for men. Our special today is the Aphrodite Package. Your stylist will select the perfect hairstyle for you, so just leave everything to our staff. We’ll make you feel beautiful on the outside with a haircut and styling, and soothe you inside with our head spa and massage services. People know the Greek goddess Aphrodite as the goddess of love and beauty, but sexuality was another important part of her domain… At our salon, we channel that spirit into providing sexual services as well. Here at Aphrodite, the beauty salon for men, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Now surrender your body and soul to the goddess… Features: A fully binaural beauty salon experience! The first half consists of salon scenes designed with ASMR in mind. Each track features a voiceless “Total ASMR Version”, as well! Melted by the voiced version, or fully immersed in the SFX-only version — enjoy the salon scenes however you want. The second half is the “Aphrodite” section… In order to let our voice actress shine, we’ve included a “Voice Only Version” that removes the wet sounds. Enjoy the realism of the voice version, the directness of the SFX-less version — whichever you want! Character: Rikka Hishiyama CV: Suzu Sazanami A loli little sister-type girl with a haughty attitude whose twintails are as long as her chest is impressive. She’s very precise when it comes to her work, but her confidence can be a little bit abrasive. Even so, her skill is undeniable. But if you compliment her too much, she’ll start to get a big head. When it comes to more intimate services, she’s the type who enjoys mutual pleasure. She has a bit of a hair fetish, and if a customer has her preferred texture, she tends to forget about work. She’s confident in her own hair, too, and will use it in her services as well. Track List: 1) Entry / Greeting / Salon Introduction / Package Explanation (7:35) 2) Shampoo (9:52) 3) Cut (8:36) 4) Head Spa (16:09) 5) Massage (21:24) 6) Haircut Finishing Touches (6:28) 7) Ear Cleaning (24:04) 8) Ear Licking & Handjob (31:47) 9) Cowgirl Penetration (17:33) Bonus Track 1) Cut (ASMR Version) (8:36) Bonus Track 2) Head Spa (ASMR Version) (16:09) Bonus Track 3) Massage (ASMR Version) (21:24) Specs and Staff: This work was recorded using a NEUMANN/KU100 binaural microphone. Headphones/earphones are highly recommended. This work is fully binaural. Total Playback: Approximately 3:10:00 File Formats: WAV (96kHz/24Bit high res), MP3 (44.1kHz/256kbps) Also includes HQ illustration and text file CV: Suzu Sazanami Illustration: Super Nagoyaka Scenario: Shoukaku



Genre:Moe,Healing,Binaural,ASMR,Ear Cleaning,Hand Job,Internal Cumshot,Ear Licking

Release date:09/16/2020