Delusional!? Diary of a Rampaging Maid [English & Chinese Ver.]

*This is the English version of “Delusional!? Diary of a Rampaging Maid (RJ140837)” and contains overlapping content. *This version features Japanese audio with English and Chinese subtitles. You’re the young master, and your loving maid sneaks into your room at night… 01 Holy night visit (Approx. 11 minutes) Your maid sneaks into your room in santa cosplay to give you a Christmas present! In her intense fantasization, she has prepared a dildo the same size as the master’s… Contents: Masturbation next to you, dildo licking 02 Crafting time (Approx. 13 minutes) Tired of her mass-produced dildo, she elects to make her own reproduction of the master’s penis. Contents: Fellatio, ear-licking, ear whispering, etc. 03 Midnight ear cleaning (Approx. 29 minutes) Since you can’t sleep, you call in your maid to clean your ears. 04 Fell asleep (Approx. 13 minutes) You fall asleep during his ear cleaning. As the master’s designated maid, she just can’t turn down an invitation like this! Contents: Intense ear-licking 05 Service in the bath (Approx. 21 minutes) Your maid services your tired body in the bath. Contents: Body-washing, shampoo, salt massage Total playback time: 1 hour 28 minutes 31 seconds [Credits] Illustration: Meguri Aine Noise-cutting Adustment: s_e_beat + Souichirou Egawa Planning / editing / SFX script / CV: Shirokuma no Yome (Ayaka Igasaki)

Circle:Shirokuma no Yome


Genre:Healing,Maid,Ear Cleaning,Blowjob / Fellatio,Ear Licking

Release date:11/06/2020