[ENG Sub] [Hi-res / Binaural]

*Included are the subtitle files (vtt format) and script data (txt format) Want to release that built-up stress with some sexy antics? Rub one out and feel refreshed? How about having a maid do it for you, just for a day? It’s only natural that a man would dream of this kind of service, right? For those of you craving such a situation, we bring you episode two of our popular voice drama series, “Maid in Heaven”!! This time features a new hire who’ll put her everything into making sure you’re satisfied with her services! A loving massage, a breathy ear-cleaning… Dirty talk, plenty of kissy ear-licking… A very thorough handjob, from base to tip… An amateur, but enthusiastic blowjob… And finally, a secret option that stays just between the two of you… Let your body and soul be healed by this gentle, passionate maid who’ll occasionally show you her weaknesses in this binaural audio! [Selling Points] * From healing to horny, we’ve got all your needs covered! For the healing, you can enjoy ear cleaning, massage, whispering, and lovey-dovey co-sleeping. For the horny, we’ve got a handjob, fellatio, and raw sex. Stacks of service and plenty of pleasure await! * It’s binaural! Chock full of situations that take full advantage of stereo sound. There’s no shortage of ear-licking and breathy whispers. You’ll practically be able to feel her kiss as she wraps around you. And we can’t forget to mention the high-quality whispers and moans… * This time, our maid is brought to life by the ever-professional Kotori Koto! A fantastic performance showing off her clumsy yet enthusiastic service for a seriously sexy experience. [Heroine] Maki Yabuki CV: Kotori Koto A new hire at maid delivery service “Maid in Heaven”. She’s still learning how to give massages, but she loves sex! She’ll use her hands and her mouth to thrill you with whispers and even more… She has quite a few tricks up her sleeve and is her dispatch’s most highly recommended maid! Word on the street is, she’s down for activities on the secret menu and is very sensitive, if you know what I mean… Why not come find out for yourself? [Track List] Track 1: Opening [Explanation] (5:00) Track 2: Ear Cleaning Service (16:01) Track 3: Left Ear Cleaning (15:14) Track 4: Special Option Service (ear licking & handjob) (11:25) Track 5: Change of Plans (fellatio) (13:01) Track 6: Special Secret Option (raw sex) (20:03) Track 7: Co-sleeping Service (12:45) Playback time: approx. 1 hour 34 minutes [Specifications] A binaural audio work. Headphones / earphones recommended. File Formats WAV: 96kHz / 24Bit Hi-res audio MP3: 44.1kHz / 256kbps Illustration and script included [Credits] Cast: Kotori Koto https: //twitter.com/kotoritoko_1015 Illustration: Asanoha https: //twitter.com/_asanoha Scenario: Nakamichi Sagara https://twitter.com/Na_Sagara

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Healing,Binaural,ASMR,Loli,Maid,Ear Cleaning,Whispering

Release date:10/28/2023